Plant a rabbit garden and make Bunny very, very happy.

Perhaps the coolest thing about owning a rabbit is the opportunity to learn new things. With other pets, you can't grow your own food. A small garden will work great, no need for a big back yard. Even a container garden on a balcony will work...and as a bonus, you get some fresh, organic veggies for your own table. Gardening is also a great lesson for the kids.

Container Gardening

Container gardens are great in small space. You can grow plenty of yummy bunny treats right on your porch or patio with a minimum of muss and fuss. Many food plants grow well in pots. If you have very limited space, consider a tiered lazy-susan arrangement that you can spin for access and to control the amount of sun the plants receive. To ensure healthy plants, follow watering directions carefully and use a potting mix that drains well and is rich in nutrients.

What to Grow


Lettuce is a low-maintenance plant that's relatively easy to grow. Your best bet is to grow leaf lettuces , rather than head lettuce. You can crowd them together up to 16 per square foot, and trim leaves from the outside as needed rather than harvest the entire head.

If you live in a hot climate, look for a heat-resistant strain that grows well in the summer and plant in a shady area. Ordinary lettuces do best in 50-60°F degree weather and are generally planted in spring and fall.


Carrots are a sweet treat for both kids and bunnies. Choose a smaller variety for container gardening. Carrots like loose, well-drained soil. Start as many as you like in the space you have, but once they sprout, thin to no more than 16 per square foot. They will grow in full or partial sun, and don't need any special treatment aside from regular weeding and feeding.


Herbs are full of flavor and nutrient-dense...good for you and for Bunny, and they grow beautifully in containers. They have shallow root systems and are great for windowsill gardens. Pick a tasty assortment that includes parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro, and mint. Most herbs like full sun and dry soil. Don't over-water.


It doesn't take much skill to grow weeds. You can even pull them out of your yard and skip the gardening, although beware of yards with lawn services. If you would rather start from scratch to ensure they haven't been sprayed, scatter seeds in a pot exposed to the sun, cover with a thin layer of dirt, and water. That's it. Once they grow, they'll sprout like...well, weeds. The sprouts are tender and delicious. Bunny will love them.

Rabbits are great pets!

What you need to know about owning a rabbit.